Mademoiselle’s speaking!

happy! and STRESS! -.-
November 23, 2008, 12:48 pm
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took mrt home with jeremy aka MEE SUA! i remembered i usually went back home with him the last semester. always love to take train with him. because we will chat and laugh like nobody’s business. but now very often already. i bought bus consession. so, sad loh. recently also don really talk to him in class. he’s still a wonderful friend to me la! thanks bud! =D if my ez-link got money then i take mrt back home with u. haha!

went out with my lao peng you! met siqi first then we went shopping at bugis. shopped till my legs hurt like hell. lol! don really have this feeling for a very long time already. haha! took bus to ps and find hx and carlson. yup as usual, chat chat and chat. LOL. anway, i gotta thank them for helping me to find a salon that is within my budget, especially hx and carlson, for the acc!




is this a museum? i love the structure! xD

dsc03120plaza sing


i know her secrets. LOL!


siqi! =D


hx! =D


carlson! =D



i know it’s lame. haha!

anyway, i get my pay already. that’s why i can go shopping. LOL! i’ve already planned on how to spend wisely.


  1. bag – $30
  2. haircut – $20
  3. consession – $52
  4. phone bill – $50


  1. bag – $18
  2. haircut – $14
  3. consession – same
  4. phone bill – same

managed to save abit. happy because the bag and my haircut are below my budget. haha! ^^ i can now save abit more for my SEBA HIGH DELUXE!! yeah baby! jia you jia you! save more, spend less xD

i think this is my last post le ba. gotta stop using too much lappy and start studying. stress period is here again. SIAN! gotta mug like mad dog T.T exams coming soon liao. wish me luck ba. see ya guys REAL SOON!


i wanna tell u something!
November 17, 2008, 3:00 pm
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so damn boring! LOL!

hate the weather recently. is it monsoon now? it rains, shines, rains, shines like nobody’s business. especially in ecp on sat and sun. plus a heavy pour in the morning just now. make me feel so sian! haha.

nothing much today. camwhored using shujun’s webcam! laughed like hell!











pimple free! love this pic!

ANYWAY, exams coming soon, AGAIN! stress period is coming real soon. gonna study like mad already. this semester i aim to get a higher GPA than my previous one. plus, pass every module can already. haha, i think this is always my aim. tml 4 hours of accounting. i need a tutor to teach my accounting! xD

i miss u! this is what i wanna tell say! =)

jump one more time! =D
November 13, 2008, 12:13 pm
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jetty jump today! wah~! FUN!! =DD

the weather is cold in the morning. starts to drizzle and i thought that they might cancel or something. but they never! honestly i was scared at first because of the seaweed thingy farhan told me last night. thanks ah! haha!

we were the first group to jump down first. plus my index number was right in front! 5 or 6 i couldn’t rmb. erm.. its abit scary when i looked down, and cherlynn was below. then a random question came to my mind. “what if i jump and accidentally hit her head?” LOL! and i dunno why i began to panic. but she swam away la off course. then…. i jumped! hmm. difficult to describe the feeling. the height made me feel abit scared but nothing much after i jump into the water. takes abt 2 seconds to float back up. haha! ah! i wanna jump again. if there is another opportunity, i will strike a pose when i jump! xD

it began to rain like hell when we are still in the water doing those life-saving activities. BLOODY DAMN COLD LA! lucky i brought my windbreaker along with me. in the beginning i really don feel like bringing because it takes up alot of space in my bag. but i managed to squeeze in! lol

took cab back to sch. went for k-session at moberly after our meals. didn’t really sing much because i dunno how to sing. or probably forgot the lyrics already! but still had fun la! =D but i think next time go k-box better! hehe!

dsc03056taking pic in the rain! still soaking wet! xD

dsc03057ramdan! plus capt peter lee behind!




dsc03062they nv act emo with me! sad! haha

wow! i keep thinking today is friday. LOL. ok random! xD

long time no blog!
November 9, 2008, 2:47 pm
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have not been updating for a SUPER LONG TIME! xDD

hmm i think my com is spoilt, maybe something wrong with the wire i think. cpu is ok, but the prob is my screen. using lappy to update. it’s not mine so i nv save all the pics that i took over this laptop. so i wil be updating words and only words. if everything is fixed, then i will upload it in my blog.

next week jetty jump. how should i say? excited? scared? there’s algae and seaweed in the water. EEEEEEE! disgusting man! but i gotta pass this module. don wanna forward any module. haha. exams also coming, stress period is around the corner! hais, start mugging again. hate this lots!!!! ta han again -.-