Mademoiselle’s speaking!

that’s the end of 2008. . .
December 31, 2008, 8:49 am
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in summary of 2008

  • legal age
  • became a poly student
  • officially lost my IC
  • sat on a motorbike
  • first time buy bus consession
  • had my own freestyle skates
  • train to be a slalomer
  • ate hokkien mee every weekends, without fail
  • celebrated christmas with my ex-classmates
  • colour my nails
  • stayover in poly just for fun
  • do jetty jump for the first time
  • wake up at 3am to study
  • go to skates chalet
  • first time see OCH
  • first time i hurt my tail bone badly
  • damn bloody high fever [40.2]
  • saw SEBA and KSJ in my own eyes
  • help out in WSC
  • became as tanned as ever!!

yup, these are all my “first-time”s in the year 2008. can’t believe it’s the end of 2008. time really flies, growing old soon! LOL!!! as usual, alot of good and bad memories within. met new friends, know how to do abit of slalom, etc.. bad memories? just leave it! don even wanna think abt it. haha!

there goes 2008, awaiting for 2009.

and my resolutions?

  • SEBA high deluxe!!
  • score well in my exam
  • try not to be so tanned
  • improve my slalom
  • maintain my weight. gain 1kg also can

the list goes on and on….. but i think i will just point out a few important ones. going countdown later. i shall end my last post of the year! LOL!




December 27, 2008, 2:44 pm
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i think my injury near my tail bone is getting worse. can’t even turn when i’m sleeping! wth…. it’s seriously bloody painful. i really dunno how to describe. cannot sit down properly as well. sucks! so moral of the story: NEVER! fall backwards when skating! now i know why so many of my seniors kept calling us to lean forward while skating. sandra encouraged me to go acupuncture. it’s like painful la, but she says it’s quite effective. should i go for a try?

as usual, went ecp today. lagoon’s hokkien mee is still the best! haha! will not get sick and tired of it no matter how many times i ate. still rmb few months back, when i ate hokkien mee practically every weekends! LOL. too bad they don have membership card. maybe will get lots of discounts from them! haha. gosh, talking cock man. xD anyway, sandra sent me back home today, with her vespa! lol. hmm. this is the first time i’m sitting on a motorbike. it’s a fun experience i think. and i can’t help myself laughing all the way from ecp to my hse. sandra!! must come more often and send me home!

well, holidays are coming to an end, sch is starting soon. which means, GOTTA WAKE UP EARLY AGAIN! i’m always afraid that i can’t get myself up during the first few days of sch. 3 weeks just gone in a blink of an eye. it was just like saying “i’m having holidays soon!” a few days ago. holidays are over! it’s good to see my classmates again. but when it comes to waking up early everyday, SIAN!!!!!!!! i guess i have to sleep at 10 tml

where were u? i miss u badly..

merry christmas!
December 24, 2008, 4:15 am
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going to chalet later

and christmas celebration at daran’s hse tml!

so in the meantime, i wish every single one of you

merry christmas and a happy new year!

update after christmas! enjoy ur holidays! take care! =D

World Slalom Championship 2008 (WSC)
December 18, 2008, 5:30 am
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hey peeps! finally i have the time to update. kinda busy for the past few days.

went to WSC few days back as an official. such a BORING job to do. i volunteered is because of the shirt, then ivan told me, “wah u very stupid leh! this shirt can take one leh!” i was like, OMFG lah! regret sia. haha! but on the positive side, i get to see pros from all around the world! ^^ at least my target is fulfilled: take pic with SEBA and KSJ (Kim Sung Jin)! xD

day 1


how i wish i can have one of the wheels


it’s just a nice word of “sai kang”





dsc03285sebastien laffargue, aka SEBA! =D he’s bloody tall la. lol!

dsc03286ziyi! =D

dsc032901another andy! haha

oh! and my darling is there on that day! x3

dsc03293dsc03294dsc03295ELFFIE! ❤



dsc03300i didn’t know she was there! NAOMI GRIGG! xD

dsc03302i’m NOT going to eat that “sushi roll” of urs! LOL

day 2 – weather was BLOODY HOT!!!!!!!!!

dsc03305just the 2nd day. cui liao!


dsc03310dsc03311chew lian!!!!!! =D

dsc03313bought this wrist band. FREESTYLE!



dsc03321chloe! world no.1 in speed slalom, no. 2 in classics!

dsc03322KIM SUNG JIN! aka KSJ! he’s much good looking in person. a former world no. 1!!

dsc03323she chose the orange wrist band for me. haha!

dsc03324athletes rest area!

dsc03325chen chen! world no.1 in classic slalom!

dsc033181dsc03319not forgetting, my boss. kingsley!

day 3 – rains like nobody’s business@novena velocity

dsc03328tian ming! he worked in BBT before! good la, can see maodi!


dsc03331chew lian again. she’s sick! take care man!

dsc03332lao shu!

dsc03333le xuan! i love his slalom moves. seriously groove into the music ^^

dsc03334i forgot her name. but she’s world no. 3!

dsc03336igor! world no.1!

the rest of the pics is not with me. i will upload the pics when they send to me. today finally have the time to rest at home. skated yesterday and i fall from the back again. i think i hurt my tail bone one more time. gotta rest. continue to train tml! plus stayover at sch tml! whoo! xD

imagine me without ‘you’
December 7, 2008, 3:01 pm
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we’ve been together for long

but now you’re leaving

i seriously can’t imagine myself without you guys! =(

things are going to change 2 weeks from now.

dunno whether i can ta han or not! everyone’s leaving, everyone’s not coming on sun already! SADDED! seriously sad! someone need to study, someone don feel like coming anymore, someone‘s going to ns. left me alone! =( oh my gosh!




yup, these 3 peeps always accompany me to ecp every sunday. now they are not coming already. gonna miss them! confirm feel very lonely de la, since they are not going to be there very soon. new batch of coaches! better come every sat and sun to acc me! I DON’T CARE!

hoe noes!!!!!!
December 5, 2008, 5:04 pm
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mid term exams are finally O-V-E-R! gotta get back my 187416523462 hours of sleep. bloody tired man. wake up damn early in the morning to study. no choice, who ask me to be the one who prefer last min studying

went skating after my last paper. fell asleep in the clubroom while waiting for cheng wen. LOL! too tired liao. still haven come yet, so watched saw 5. haha. didn’t skate much today. lazy la. just wanna chit chat man. lol

and by the way, i misplaced my mp3! =( think i placed it at the table in the common room and in didn’t take it. not sure whether it’s still there or not. if they are skating on mon, maybe i’ll go and find again. then can also return my library book in the mean time. haha. hmm, just pray hard that i can get it back la. my mp3 is with me for around 2 years already. plus, i bought a new ear plugs for like a week ago? it will be a waste of money if its lost. i wanna buy alot of stuff one sia. christmas presents, new skates, alot la. so, pray to all the alahs again!

there’s pic to upload. next post ba. tired liao. gotta “work” tml. haha!