Mademoiselle’s speaking!

January 31, 2009, 3:34 pm
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don feel like going to ecp today, but no choice, have to go! RAWR! haha. anyway, at least today was not as bored as last few times when we were there. slept over there as well, too tired already. plus my eye was painful, from yesterday until now. have a good sleep though. LOL! glenn bought his mini laptop and poker cards. chris yy and him were playing “dai di”. and i was using his laptop because i dunno how to play xD

oh! and we camwhored using the webcam!





helmet is VERY important! why? ask chris! LOL






all playing dai di, and i’m so bored!! xD

January 26, 2009, 6:09 am
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xin nian kuai le! gong xi fa cai! hong bao na lai!!!!! LOL xD

haha, yeah i know quite alot of u are already out visiting relatives etc.. hmm, just to update abit first before SOMEBODY says i always nv update. haha!

i’ll just help u guys to brighten ur day a little bit more

korean madness! have a good laugh! =DD ok, i don understand korean, but their actions are hilarious!

my wishes for cny

  1. study hard for final ICA!
  2. ppl around me to stay cool and healthy! ^^
  3. improve my slalom! (damn, i’ve been saying this for dunno how many times. LOL)
  4. our love can remain like this. STRONG AS EVER! =D

going IKEA with my family later. haha. gotta buy alot of boxes for all my notes. don wanna see my papers flying around at home. LOL! i’ll upload pics later. till then, and HAPPY CNY PEEPS!

u know i love you! ^^

back to sch!
January 24, 2009, 2:05 am
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went back to compassvale on thur. wah, it’s been such a long time since i visit my sec sch. ah~ miss alot of stuff over there. teachers, sch times and most importantly, FOOD!! somemore its thur. alot of fried food. oh no, gaining weight liao. lol! such a sad case, many teacher leave the sch already. especially miss poon, my 3 yrs form teacher and mr din! ah, miss them for sure


bought alot of food, and we can’t eat finish. but cheap ok? chicken wing for only 50 cents! bubble tea for $1.30! good thing is that the price didn’t change


the usual canteen




the usual D&T workshop. hmm, still rmb the day when we “coup” alot of nice material and bring back home. haha!


don mess with me, or else i hammer u! haha


mr lee boon siang, H.O.D for D&T


the biggest toilet in sch. alot of memories one ok? hahaha xD




and guppies!!! LOL!

ok, that marks the end of my sch visiting. went on thur because i got test on friday. the test is……. so omg la! buang one loh. haiya, must study hard for other papers!

hmmm, i think i’m in chinese new year mood. didn’t skate that much yesterday. after cny ba. eh no no no, after exams. lol. aiya see how first la. haha



happy birthday to my beloved sister! =D



a simple love is what i want, and that’s what u gave it to me  it’s already over, but i’m happy! ^^

tensed up
January 16, 2009, 5:52 pm
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decided not go to sandra’s birthday chalet today. so sorry!

skated at sp in the evening

was practicing my slalom. and it doesn’t turn out to be as well as what i trained yesterday.

totally not in a good mood today!! fell down several times, can’t smoothen some of my slalom tricks, EVERYTHING IS JUST SO SHITTY TODAY! i’m all tensed up and stress.

but then, some of them came to me and say:” don be so stress. RELAX! i think u need a break”

come to think of it, i felt that i’m giving myself too much pressure and i really need a break. i also realised that i’ve been skating for 3 consecutive days! hmm. yeah, break break break! LOL. should go slow and steady from now on. go go jia you! =D

gong xi fa cai is coming!! but i don think i can enjoy much. got so many projects to do! plus final year exams also coming soon. haiyo! chiong like mad again liao la! SO STRESSFUL! RAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!

oh yeah, I’VE UPDATED! lol. .

exhausted. .
January 6, 2009, 5:50 am
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hmm, abt 2 weeks ago, kelvin accompany me to parkway for lunch. we were walking around and then i started a conversation.

me: haiyo, bring out skates always very ma fan one leh! especially when u wanna take something and see. still have to put down ur skates

kelvin: haha! yeah loh, i agree

me: ah! i wanna buy the skate bag leh. then don need to use my hand and take. convenient somemore. haha

kelvin: eh! u nv tell me earlier. i got the skate bag leh. u want anot? i give u la

me: wah u good loh. now then tell me. but u don need meh?

kelvin: don need la. i just use 1 time then nv use liao. next week i pass to u if u want

me: haha. nvm la. its ok

kelvin: nvm nvm! i give u la. i also nv use liao. if nobody want then i going to throw away liao.

me: hmmm. ok loh! i want i want!

haha! thanks for the bag, plus hearing out my problems! truely appreciated. thanks alot, SISTER! xD

theres too many things going on..

i really need a break

my low self-esteem is getting higher

stress lvl is increasing!

HELP!  ='(

2000 & nine!
January 3, 2009, 4:05 pm
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hello 2009! my name is yixuan! haha. happy new year everyone! =D


countdown at marina! i totally enjoyed the fireworks. maybe its because we chose the right place. haha. lucky us! reached there abt 45 min before the countdown. and that 45 min past by very SLOWLY! it was HOT, SQUEEZY and BORING! tried to find thousand and one topics to talk abt, and after talking so many nonsense, only 5 min has past! -.- few minutes before the countdown, they start to switch off the street lights and we were like, FINALLY! lol. then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BA BOOM! happy new year! oh! the fireworks was nice! loved it! maybe its quite close to me thats why i like it. one of the fireworks look like firecrackers and i was down there singing CNY songs. LOL xDD



argh! i really wish i have a digital camera so that i can take a better picture than these few. my 2 mega pixels phone camera is so lousy! lol.

today’s the SP skate competition. such a pity that i can’t go. wanna go and see sia. missed it. SADDED! its ok! still got friday. still considering wanna join the comp anot. haha

weather is COLD today. a damn good time to have long hours of comfortable sleep! but tml still need to go ecp. hais. oh well!