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something’s wrong
February 28, 2009, 3:36 am
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something is definitely wrong with me these few days, and i really have no idea why!

i’ve been losing my appetite for the past few days. 3 days ago i just ate mee jiang kueh in the morning, then i ate nothing for the rest of the day, except for drinking water. next day ate yoshi with siqi. same, eat halfway i told her: eh, i cannot eat finish liao leh. at night drank bubble tea, and nothing else. yesterday is the worst. bought doughnut and milk tea. just ate a few bites and i don feel like eating already.
DAMN! what’s wrong with me sia. lol. this kind of thing always happen only after my pms, but now its during pms. maybe this time round is different. hahaha xD on the positive side, i managed to lose abit of weight! LOL..

plus, i’ve been saying alot of wrong words recently. haha. from “Emporio Armani”, i can pronounce it as “Experio Armani”. and i kept saying bus despite us taking the freaking train! it happened not once, but twice! lol! i still say it proudly loh! “still got last bus!” whereby we are in the mrt station. don believe me? i got witness. xD

to somebody, u might not be reading my blog. but this is what i wanna tell you. FUCK YOU! u timid “LITTLE” mice
timothy should know who i’m referring  to xD

my stomach is growling. but i’m not hungry. what am i supposed to do? aiya, drink more water today la. hahaha!

February 26, 2009, 3:34 pm
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omg omg omg! SO OMG LAH! the cones kingsley that i borrowed from him is lost! but i know that i lost it at home. dammit! gotta ransack the whole house tml! hais!

anyway, went for the attachment briefing yesterday. i’ve been attached to federal, and i really have no idea where that place is. all i know that its at genting road, and its somewhere in aljunied/macpherson. haiyo i think i’ll take a cab down on the first day. then see if there’s any bus or not. hahaha. consession consession!

me: hey u all know where is genting road anot?
ramdan: hmm, i not sure leh
syahida: yeah, i also dunno
peiwen: wah, u so good, can go genting

how i wish i can!

the importance of water & tissue paper
February 24, 2009, 3:35 am
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these 2 things, especially tissue paper, are the ones that i will never ever bring it along with me. reason being,
1) there’s water cooler, nearby shops like 7-11
2) my friends around me will definitely bring tissues along with them, and theres toilet!
however, after last night’s situation, i finally realised that they are so damn important that maybe i should bring them with me from today onwards!

skated at woodlands last night. i was practicing my slalom basics (back fish i think) and i fell. yeah, laugh man. just a simple back fish and i can fall. LOL. both my elbows were bleeding. asked them for tissues and guess what? none i repeat, NONE OF US got tissues! xD then i thought, ok nvm. its just scratches and i don think the blood will flow out.  so we just skate and skate until my saviour came! KINGSLEY CHAN! haha.
took a few tissues from his car, wipe off my bloody wound. but using tissue is not enough. i need water as well. and none of us (again!) got water. yeah maybe ian have, except that its sweet drinks! LOL!!!! in the end, we skated, and we didn’t drink. damn thirsty! drank 2 cups of iced milo while i’m having dinner/supper with my sis

so, you see! these 2 little things are so important to us! yup, i’ve learnt my lesson already. i will try to bring if i can remember. i’m forgetful sometimes. haha!

bottledwaterz61REMEMBER! and hey! that piggy is so cute! hahaha =D

leng eh!
February 22, 2009, 3:08 pm
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think i’m having a cold today. probably due to the rain just now.

skated all the way under the rain to lagoon just because of their hokkien mee. LOL! xD

weather is cold to me. haha. shall sleep early tonight. ciaos!

February 19, 2009, 10:12 am
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holidays have started. i’m so bored. bloody bored! my darling is still having his exams, don wanna disturb him. but his paper ended so late one. hais, nvm la. ta han loh. wait for his exam to finish loh. haha! SUN WITH MOON, DARLING! xD

i really dunno what to do at home, except for playing hours of “the sims 2” hahaha. ok la. entertain myself. LOL

band members will love it, especially the percussionist =D
this is the ending scene of the movie drumline. other than this movie and “school of rock”, i can’t find any other movies that is related to band stuff. speaking of band, i really miss band! didn’t went back for a very long time already, probably due to all the busy schedules in poly. plus ecp on every sat and sun. try to find time to go back if i can. haha

looking at some of the band pics taken nong nong ago. wah! i look so damn bloody CHOU la! haha.

8456485053000lyes! i’m the one in the middle! wah lao eh! look at my hair! look at my specs! so… OMG la. i totally agree what my sis told me last time. “your hair really look like ah sim!”

27000669955981lcamera-pics-085dsc00253hmm, at least there’s a difference here and there. at least i’ve changed. well even though i’m not as pretty as those chio bu walking around the street, but i managed to get rid of that “ah sim” hairstyle and that kuku specs. haha! xD

miss band, but i still LOVE SKATES! =DD

February 13, 2009, 4:07 pm
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exams are over! woots! and somebody is jealous! xD

now just wait for a few more weeks before my attachment starts. so fast la! aiya nvm la. hahaha

hmm, dunno why, feel like watching princess mononoke and spirited away. ever since yesterday while i was on my way home, i happened to pass by this childcare centre and they were playing the movie spirited away. have the sudden urge to watch. but i wanna watch it with jap subtitles one. don really want those english dub. just not nice la! actual japanese voice one is nicer. hahaha!

anybody have the cd can lend me? i wanna watch! LOL

stop here for now
February 3, 2009, 9:46 am
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exams coming again. TIME TO CHIONG!!!  ><


and again, i’m not going to update until my exams are over.  all the best to my classmates and all the people having their exams soon like me! =D