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2 more days
March 31, 2009, 2:30 pm
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hang in there. . .


March 30, 2009, 12:19 pm
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Draw it, imagine it,
It’s hidden within our hearts
Now the star that’s flying brilliantly, eternally, trust it’s magic
The face inside people that get swept away all look alike
This time that I have right now
Doesn’t even know where it is
But close your eyes
Listen carefully, even if you lose your way
Search for the voices of the stars that are whispering from the sky
Draw it, imagine it
It’s hidden within our hearts
Now the star that’s flying brilliantly, eternally, pray for your wishes

Even if you insist that this is not it
I’m always at fault for someone else
What we’re doing right now
Isn’t what we dreamed of
As much as hope’s numbers
Even though we may feel disappointment
Still if we think of tomorrow
We can’t just stand around
Draw it, imagine it
It’s hidden within our hearts
Now the star that’s flying brilliantly, eternally, pray for your wishes
Having changed due to disappointment and scars
My form changes now
Start everything over again
Draw my dreams with my hand
Trust me, and open your heart
Even if it’s a little hard, I’ll face it
Now towards the closed doors
For our future
Draw it, imagine it
It’s hidden within our hearts
Now the star that’s flying brilliantly, eternally, pray for your wishes

ji ching!
March 30, 2009, 12:05 pm
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i felt a bit wierd, because i got my pay today. shouldn’t they give it to me at the end of the month (which is tml) or end of the week? but, oh well! got my pay liao! ah hahahaha! BUT! it’s damn bloody less la. cannot blame them, because i started attachment on the 9th, not the first day of the month. at least got money better than no money. xD

now i got abit of money, there’s several things i wanna do.

  1. CONSESSION!!! life without consession is seriously a struggle to me. about 2 bucks spent just on transportation. expensive!
  2. re-make IC. went missing for almost a year already. but usually i’m lazy, because gotta travel to lavender.
  3. rebond my hair. ever since i cut my hair weeks ago, it became more and more shitty! gotta rebond man! and a new hairstyle would be nice. haha

anyways, crabstick (cheeyang) came to ecp yesterday! haven’t been seeing him for months already. and we talked about money issues again. lol.
well to me, working as a skate coach is good, especially when u met good friends and there are people who are willing to teach you slides or slalom. but everytime when we talk about salary, everyone will give sian sian look. i’m not very sure about farhan’s batch but for our batch, it took months to get our pay. worse, some don’t even get their pay at all. i think this is the reason why nobody want to take any lesson, or don’t even bothered to come down to ecp.
once, i ask daran about my pay. he said that my pay have not come yet, reason is because, one of the coaches (yes you, FUCKER!) taught a small kid. the kid fell down, 2 of his/her teeth dropped off, and the parent want the company to compensate 6k. that’s why the our pay is delayed. but i think this reason is bullshit (sry daran. not talking abt u). i’ve heard this situation for quite a long time ago already. ever since, last year? i think its because of that 2 person in charge of giving out cheque. it’s so pissed off. they owe me quite alot of money already. that money can buy my seba high deluxe le loh! ARGH~!!!

pray hard that i can claim my pay asap. if that’s the case, i can save more on my attachment pay. gotta plan again.

meteor gardens and F4
March 29, 2009, 3:44 pm
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wah~ there’s quite alot of version of meteor gardens! haha. but i think most of the storyline is similar. there’s a normal girl attended an elite school that consist of people who are rich, from a high society family, and talented. then these 4 childhood friends (F4) were the most famous people in the school. probably they’re the richest? most talented? i dunno la. maybe is both of them. haha.

the very first one was hana yori dango, manga version
2nd is taiwan version. liu xing hua yuan
normal_meteorgardenpretty girl with a bunch of gays =X
then jap jap version of hana yori dango
and the korean version, boys before flowers. currently watching it
and there’s also bang bang tang version of F4! xDD

anyway, boys before flowers is nice! =D

i can answer it

Earth Hour
March 28, 2009, 3:12 am
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remember to switch off ur lights at 8.30pm people! =D

save our planet earth!!!!


March 27, 2009, 6:15 pm
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muo fan bang bang tang (模范棒棒堂) was one of my favourite show. those who subscribed channel 102 will know this show. MFBBT is a kind of celebrity grooming variety, whereby they will first search of boys who are good-looking and talented, or attracted boys will go through an audition if they wanted to be in the show, gain popularity, more talented, blah blah blah. in this show, they selected 6 people from the first batch and form a group called Lollipop or 棒棒堂.

u1982p28t3d1831998f326dt20071212190748u1982p28t3d1831998f329dt20071212190748wah~ !

then after some time, they choose another 7 people to form another group, which is 模范7棒.
snapshot200811211440321and off course! they chose my idol/shuai ge! LOL
11cde0d099fg214e6af9be5bc9f21aw! my handsome boy! it’s abit disappointing when both of my sisters said that he the ugliest. so sad! LOL. yeah la. i know wang zi is better looking

hmm, i can find the one that i liked. but here’s an alternative. and i like that too. haha

the rest of the parts can go search urself. xD

samsung pixon! ❤

March 27, 2009, 12:48 am
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sometimes, it’s really disappointed to see someone sad

sometimes, it tooks a lot of courage to say what’s on my mind

sometimes, i will be thinking, why am i always the one?

sometimes, i really wish that i can turn back the time

sometimes, i just felt that my life sucks to the core

i’m good at keeping secrets, but i’m not good at hiding my feelings.

i think, i should cast everything aside first and give myself a break. should i? yes, i should.

it’s not enough to say that i miss you