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March 2, 2009, 4:06 am
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went ecp to skate yesterday. but didn’t skate that much because of the rain. and maybe i said that forbidden word, thats why. hahaha. stayed at carls jr for hours!! and the rain just wouldn’t stop. how irritating can that be! and lucky my lesson’s cancelled. but chatted alot! can’t stop laughing when we talked abt goang tzer’s “eye-candy” xD “she will protect you leh! don need to buy bed liao. sleep on her stomach can liao” LOL!!

all in all, had alot of fun!


dsc03773we really got nothing to do. hahaha! xD

dsc03770didn’t take much pic due to my LOUSY phone, and i dropped my phone again! what the hell. wait for a few more months ba. then when june comes, i can change plan, and change my phone! yay! but still not sure what phone i’m going to choose. any suggestions? I DON’T WANT NOKIA! sry to those who love using nokia phones. haha!

dsc03245yi lu shun feng yo, ivan! good luck on ur OITP! take care of urself too! =D (if u are reading my blog) see u in 7 weeks time!


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Eh wrong photo of ivan, should use the bunny one! 😛

Comment by TN

TN: haha. aiya i haven upload that pic in my laptop. next time when he come back then i post that one xD

Comment by shuttheguts

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