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March 3, 2009, 3:55 pm
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went ikea today! but i’ll talk abit abt yesterday.

yes, it rained while i’m on my way. but it last for abt, less than an hour? so all of us managed to skate. at least the trip is not wasted, otherwise i think none of them would wanna come ecp again. =X after everyone left, timothy and me decided to practice abit more. and apparently there’s a couple sitting further down looking at us sliding/slaloming. its like we’re entertaining them sia. haha. xD

supposed to go ikea yesterday, but siqi can’t make it. so we change it to today. we’ve been saying that we wanna go ikea ever since last year! finally we got the chance to go together =D
dsc03797dsc03802i told her: “next time if i buy this, its not for my children. its for me” LOL!
dsc03799dsc03786dsc03793dunno why she get so excited when she see the rolling pin. haha
dsc038031dsc03804dsc03784no peeking!
dsc03791xiang xiang~ hahah! if yan can cook, so can i!
dsc03811marley and me. ah! haven watch the movie yet. I WANNA WATCH! >.< lol
dsc03807dsc03817dsc038181can slalom here. ok random…

dunno when got time to meet them again, since my attachment is starting VERY SOON. i’m a bit not prepared. it’s like, so fast la. and everybody having holidays. i gotta work! -.- somemore 6 months. SOB!!!


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Comment by Mike

eh ya lo damn good ground to slalom leh, free show sure lotsa audience de~ i think ikea should pay slalomers for boosting the entertainment lvl there lol~

Comment by glenncain

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