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a million thanks
April 29, 2009, 9:27 am
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comments are a little bit difficult to reply since there is so many. so i will just update a new post to all. as for this [post] that i’ve updated few days ago, i really wanna thank u guys. sometimes, these kind of stuff is good to handle it alone, but it’s even better when your good friends gave you the extra support. and not forgetting you, dear! haha

i accept bad comments. if u are unhappy, just go ahead and say out what you wanna say. but if you don’t even know the truth and began spouting nonsense, that’s unreasonable. so to kii, you have no right to say me a bitch/slut/whore. are you timothy’s very very good friend? or a passerby who just blindly read his blog and come to a conclusion that everything is my fault? he will nv say a single word on what had happened unless you are his best friend or a friend that he can trust. since you are saying this, then i think you’re not, AT ALL!

and get this straight. he is the one who initiate the breakup, not me. you mother fucker, would nv know how i felt back at that time. i’m very disappointed, i cried like hell, i emo-ed. you don’t believe me? i have evidence. ask rachelle and gang, ask sherlyn, ask austin, ask my sister and her bf if you know them. they are the ones who are there for me, always.

and one more thing. i know that we broke up for only a week or so and i got jerome. but, i’m not using him as a replacement. I, REALLY LOVE HIM, ALOT! and i swear to god, with all my heart and soul!

jingxuan: hey sister! thank you so much for always being there for me, and clement! i cried again when i saw what you have written on your blog. i cried because i was so stupid back at that time, done so much for him but nothing in the end.
Faith: hey! thank you so much! yup, he/she is seriously gutless i can say. everybody wants their relationship to last long. and same goes for me. i will make this relationship long lasting. and i love jerome! mark down my word =D and erm, may i know who are you?
shdw: LOL! when u replied my comment, i thought u’re saying me pussy sia xD anyway, thanks alot! and i’m really sorry for what he had done/said to you.
sl: haha, yes i know. jerome is a very good guy. u don need to say i also know. lol. thanks anyway. i know you got nothing to say already
rachelle & PH: u guys are the one who will always listen to me when i’m upset, see me cry like shit, and always support me all the way. thank you!!
jerome: DEAR!!!! even though i didn’t tell u much abt what happened between me and timothy, but i can see that you will always be there for me. and again, you are not a replacement. you are the one that i really love. and i love you for who you are =DD

and for the rest of those who will always be there for me, thank you guys once again! i truely appreciate that. thank you!


sat, sun, mon
April 27, 2009, 7:44 pm
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day 2-3 of camp

did nothing much today. just help to do some soldering for the night walk thingy. then spend the rest of the day surfing net, watching movies, plus skated a bit today. but not much since there’s so many ppl playing bball.

then went for the night walk. get the rough idea of how it’s going to be like, since i’ve never help out in a night walk before xD everything ended very late. 4 plus? and we have to shower! so by the time it’s around 5am. since it’s the last day of camp, we decided to take the first bus/train back home. and i ALMOST missed my stop. lol. reached home at abt 7 plus plus, slept till 2pm. my bed is always the best thing i’ve ever had at home. haha!

26 April 2009

it’s my lao dou’s 55th birthday! mum cooked dinner! it’s been such a long time since she cook dinner at home! ^^


dsc05000we can’t find party hats at amk hub, so we have this hand-made ones. can save money also. haha.
dsc05004my handsome, cute, sexy, 55 years old father
dsc05008slaughter the cake, instead of cutting it
dsc05010my sis, future bro-in-law, me =D
dsc05007the whole family! <3!
27 April 2009

DEAR’S COMING BACK FROM BEIJING! =D going to pick him up later, and i’m going to T3 later. ok, i’ve nv been there before. haha. have a feeling that i’m going to be damn sua gu when i reach there xD

“mug” @ moberly
April 25, 2009, 2:13 am
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first update the exhibition on thursday. overall was nothing much, just walked around with my supervisor the whole exhibition hall. then after that finish. LOL! there’s even wine bar in some of the booth la. but practically all are from famous or very rich shipping companies. imagine if visitors got drunk. . . . hahaha! not much pics taken since its only people people and more people, booths booths and more booths. lol


all these models cost about more than a thousand bucks!


ok. that marks the end of the exhibition. thanks moley for the 2 chocolates. it’s a very sad thing that i didn’t see my classmates over there. except for 2. but anyway, it’s great to see them, rather than not seeing anyone.

today’s the prep camp. arrived at 8 plus! i was at home double/triple checking whether there’s any stuff missing. lol. my routine, not sure what to say. just know that i’m forcing myself to think of a nice routine. maybe it’s because i’m tired. guess i shall sleep early. the time now is 2.10am. wow. ok. then don’t need to sleep early already. haha

it’s only less than 24 hours, and i’m missing jerome like crazy! romey! faster come back. i miss you!=(

April 24, 2009, 1:12 pm
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today will be kinda hectic. after attachment straight away go home, take my stuff and off for camp. prep camp tonight! but i think they just run thru the whole games ba, like the night walk. obviously there will be time for us to skate. i’ll just plan out my routine and see whether is it ok or not. if everything’s ok, then i might be joining the qualification. if not ok, SNFC la. hahaha!

don’t think i will skate much today, since i’m dead tired. probably because i don’t get enough sleep while staying over at ter hse last night. dozing off soon! =.=

i’m bringing my laptop to camp as well, so i’ll just update later at night about the exhibition and the camp =]

DEAR, terence, jireh, ryan. all the very best for the BSO! =D

April 22, 2009, 11:53 am
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people once asked me, what is love?

yes. this, is a very powerful word. there’s tonnes of definitions for you to seek. but people will have their own definition in their heart. therefore when you ask this question, they will always give you different answers.

previously, i was trying very hard to find my own answers. and fortunately, i’ve found it.

to me, love is:

  1. the trust in each other
  2. accepting who he/she is, both from the inside and outside
  3. respecting each other’s decisions
  4. the feeling of freedom and happiness, not agony
  5. the care and concern for each other
  6. sharing feelings with each other
  7. supporting each other, always be there for them

-we trust and respected each other.
-he may not be the most handsome guy in s’pore, but he is forever the most good-looking person in my eyes.
-he shed tears in front of me (well not really), but i’m glad that he’s willing to share his problems with me.
-his care and concern towards me, made me feel secured.
-whenever i’m upset, he will always be there for me, giving me hugs and assures that everything is going to be ok.
-being with him, there’s always smiles and laughter.

everything i’ve said, will all sum up to 1 sentence, 3 words, 8 letters.


i love you, romey! =DD

sea asia 2009
April 21, 2009, 9:33 am
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our company was invited by keppel, and we’re going tml during the late evening. why don’t they just make it earlier? then i don’t have to work in the office and maybe released earlier. haha. but, oh well! anyway, this is an exhibition i think. those maritime company coming down to promote their products or what facilities they provide. lucky our company don’t need to do anything, just go there for conference, walk walk, got reception eat free food then go off liao. hahaha!

i’m not going to care about it anymore. what you’re going to say in future, i don’t give a piece of shit. since you have better things to do then to respond to whatever is posted, then what for wasting your time publishing that post? i had enough. i don’t wanna talk abt it anymore.

seeing you, i’m contented. if not, i’m missing you like crazy. just like now, because you’re not here with me. can’t wait for tml (hope so?) and thursday! friday don’t come please =(

April 20, 2009, 10:16 pm
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i need you so much right now. . .

feel like crying =(