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future love
July 25, 2009, 12:38 am
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91.3’s music is like so nice la. then just happen to hear this song. lucky i managed to find this song while my boss is out on business trip. LOL!!!

skated at sp today. its like going back to the past. when all the chaos did not happened. met the same old friends, received the same hugs, seeing the same ppl smiling and skating. hmm, how to say? today was fun. enjoyed myself today even though my legs feel so cui. haha. and IVAN IS NOT TOPLESS! WTF! xD next time when i come, u better show me. LOL! and thanks for the movies SL   =D


too many stuff to update but dunno how. guess i’ll just stop here. slowly update next time. hahaha


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wtf?? hu topless? anyway … sry for nt being able to skate on fri, leg super cui, body die ler …
oh n thnks, again, for ur concern …

Comment by shdw

haha. not u la. big show xD lol its ok la. be good ah =D

Comment by yixuan

OMG, u got own man shdw

Comment by sl

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