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August 28, 2009, 9:24 am
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yo people people! i need a bit of help

for these past few days, i was wondering, should i stick to wp? or switch back to blogger?

since many ppl are complaining about my so-called “tag board” which makes it inconvenient for u guys. so i had this thinking of using back blogger. u guys think its a good idea?

so i need some suggestions. well, not to say wp is no good. it’s quite good actually. because it shows you like how many ppl view your blog daily, and there’s word count too! lol. but the problem is that its a bit difficult to create your own theme. and up till now, i have no idea how or where to add the tag board. i must be a cyber noob. haha

i need comments. you can tell me face to face, or leave a comment, or write on my facebook wall, or sms me at 9*******. HAHA! xD everything will be greatly appreciated


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BLOGGER BANZAI !! hahahhas.. can help u with ur skin if needed.. hahahhahas 😀

Comment by OH! its AMBER!!

I read reviews wordpress is the best eh.stick to wordpress.slowly explore it ba

Comment by Yi Jun

oh really? i dunno sia. haha. i’ll see how first. thanks thanks! =)

Comment by yixuan

Blogger, die die use blogger.Tagging is easier.

Comment by sl

uh … up to u bah … maybe, link your blog to a special tagboard on a blogger blog … hahas

Comment by shdw

update update !! hahahas

Comment by OH! its AMBER!!

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