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April 25, 2009, 2:13 am
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first update the exhibition on thursday. overall was nothing much, just walked around with my supervisor the whole exhibition hall. then after that finish. LOL! there’s even wine bar in some of the booth la. but practically all are from famous or very rich shipping companies. imagine if visitors got drunk. . . . hahaha! not much pics taken since its only people people and more people, booths booths and more booths. lol


all these models cost about more than a thousand bucks!


ok. that marks the end of the exhibition. thanks moley for the 2 chocolates. it’s a very sad thing that i didn’t see my classmates over there. except for 2. but anyway, it’s great to see them, rather than not seeing anyone.

today’s the prep camp. arrived at 8 plus! i was at home double/triple checking whether there’s any stuff missing. lol. my routine, not sure what to say. just know that i’m forcing myself to think of a nice routine. maybe it’s because i’m tired. guess i shall sleep early. the time now is 2.10am. wow. ok. then don’t need to sleep early already. haha

it’s only less than 24 hours, and i’m missing jerome like crazy! romey! faster come back. i miss you!=(


March 17, 2009, 12:53 am
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i’m so bored! now i’m in the office (time:8.47am) and i got nothing to do.

boss and my supervisor are not here yet. not sure whether capt ken coming back today or not.

feeling super damn tired la. always have to wake up at 6.30 =.=

yeah, i know i’m not allowed to surf net when i’m in the office. but i did that every morning! xD

still got, 26 more weeks to go? OMFG!!!! yup, add wings to the clock and make time flies. ok lame

can’t wait for later, and tomorrow! and friday! and the weekends! and the holidays!

one of the aunty over there is like so good to me la! =D

i just wanna skate
March 12, 2009, 4:06 pm
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whoo! hot from the oven! its a new GYRO WHEEL! haha. off course i didn’t buy it la. just tell u guys only! xD

attachment stuff first.
today me and li ling (former intern) finally have the chance to laugh out loud! because capt ken’s going out to some whatever shit country and he will be back on monday. plus pauline (my supervisor) got quite alot of meetings today. hmm, so today considered quite seng nang.
li ling told me: “wah, now finally can don need to ta han liao. can laugh all we want!” seriously, i really can’t stand her la! every single word that comes out from her mouth is damn bloody hilarious! but she’s a very sociable person. in fact, i felt that everyone in the company was! one of the workers even treated us lunch today. tml pauline’s gonna treat us pizza hut! wahahaha. can save $$$ also! hmm, yeah. must be on bah-jiet! HAHAH!

RUSHED back home for coaching at night. managed to skate a bit. i didn’t touch my skates for only 4 days, and i’m lacking! my legs were so stiff when i’m just doing my crazy. think i should urban more if i have the time, even though i got attachment! tml going back to sch and skate. jia you liao! FIGHTING!
and OMG la! i didn’t know rookie comp falls on sat. and i told some ppl that its on sun! ops! sorry peeps! i’m not going to join this year. probably next year ba. haha! will be skating at ecp with TMW. so, sorry rachelle! but u have my moral support! be prepared to receive a msg from me before the comp starts! =D jia you yo!

randon pic for the day:

photo0012let’s walk the doggies!

hey foxy sista! chill ok? u should know that SHE‘s always like that

edition to previous post!
March 10, 2009, 1:03 pm
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*timpani roll*

OUR NEW!!!!!!! BOTAK!!!!!!!!!

hahahaha! ok ok. i know i’m a bit bad. sry bro! xD but i must say, ppl who cut/shave botak are indeed very very brave! i mean, they dont care much abt hair and then just cut. somemore yang yang still got 2 more years to NS! so means that he is prepared to cut botak at anytime if he like. ppl like brandon will never cut botak since he love his hair so much! haha xD
sometimes ppl suits botak, ppl dont suit botak. i seriously can’t imagine if timothy is botak. one of the friendster pic in his album shows his hair which is very short. and i find it very strange. wah, if he’s really botak….. even more strange. LOL! lucky he finish his NS liao. dont need to cut. his current hairstyle is already good enough. =D

ok, i’ll talk abt my attachment stuff. today is just the second day. at least the ppl there are friendly. plus i have a good supervisor! hope everything goes well, even though it can be boring at times. haha
yesterday (1st day of attachment), i was lost.
– i alighted at the wrong stop. one stop ahead
– i went the wrong direction. instead of walking back to the bus stop where i have to alight (opp POSB), i walked to potong pasir station
– i went another wrong direction again. i’m close to my working area. but instead of turning left, i turn right. and its UPSLOPE SOMEMORE!
– walked back to the correct direction. instead of turning another left, i walked straight

after i alighted from the bus, i walked for about, more than half an hour in order to reach my working place. but the lucky thing is that i left the hse early. reached the working place at 9.45 (reporting time 10). can’t believe i’m so blur, and dumb, and GOONDU!


even though i’m blur, dumb and goondu, at least i still have abit of brain power to snapshot these 2 pics on sunday before i go to sleep! they managed to help me abit. wahahahaha~!
now i know how to go already, life is much easier rather than walking around, feeling lost!  xD

practice makes perfect? well i think practice makes improvements! =)

March 3, 2009, 3:55 pm
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went ikea today! but i’ll talk abit abt yesterday.

yes, it rained while i’m on my way. but it last for abt, less than an hour? so all of us managed to skate. at least the trip is not wasted, otherwise i think none of them would wanna come ecp again. =X after everyone left, timothy and me decided to practice abit more. and apparently there’s a couple sitting further down looking at us sliding/slaloming. its like we’re entertaining them sia. haha. xD

supposed to go ikea yesterday, but siqi can’t make it. so we change it to today. we’ve been saying that we wanna go ikea ever since last year! finally we got the chance to go together =D
dsc03797dsc03802i told her: “next time if i buy this, its not for my children. its for me” LOL!
dsc03799dsc03786dsc03793dunno why she get so excited when she see the rolling pin. haha
dsc038031dsc03804dsc03784no peeking!
dsc03791xiang xiang~ hahah! if yan can cook, so can i!
dsc03811marley and me. ah! haven watch the movie yet. I WANNA WATCH! >.< lol
dsc03807dsc03817dsc038181can slalom here. ok random…

dunno when got time to meet them again, since my attachment is starting VERY SOON. i’m a bit not prepared. it’s like, so fast la. and everybody having holidays. i gotta work! -.- somemore 6 months. SOB!!!

February 13, 2009, 4:07 pm
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exams are over! woots! and somebody is jealous! xD

now just wait for a few more weeks before my attachment starts. so fast la! aiya nvm la. hahaha

hmm, dunno why, feel like watching princess mononoke and spirited away. ever since yesterday while i was on my way home, i happened to pass by this childcare centre and they were playing the movie spirited away. have the sudden urge to watch. but i wanna watch it with jap subtitles one. don really want those english dub. just not nice la! actual japanese voice one is nicer. hahaha!

anybody have the cd can lend me? i wanna watch! LOL