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another day at ecp
March 9, 2009, 1:28 pm
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went there damn bloody early in the morning for lesson. actually i plan not to take anymore lesson because i got attachment. but erm. only 2 ppl turned up? chris came out of a sudden (which was a good thing). but he can’t take any lesson due to his busy schedule. glenn always turned up, but i can’t give him lesson because his training is not done yet. so, i have to take the lesson. this shall be my last. i’ll continue once my attachment ends, which is like 6 months away. LOL!

anyway, i skated alot yesterday! the feeling was…. GREAT! =D never felt so happy before. did slalom (as usual, even though i’m still a noob) plus abit of slides. enjoyed myself. i’ll train a bit harder for both!

go go! TEAM MANYWHEELS!! team (tim?) 最帅, wheels 最美! =D


____ ____ go away!
March 2, 2009, 4:06 am
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went ecp to skate yesterday. but didn’t skate that much because of the rain. and maybe i said that forbidden word, thats why. hahaha. stayed at carls jr for hours!! and the rain just wouldn’t stop. how irritating can that be! and lucky my lesson’s cancelled. but chatted alot! can’t stop laughing when we talked abt goang tzer’s “eye-candy” xD “she will protect you leh! don need to buy bed liao. sleep on her stomach can liao” LOL!!

all in all, had alot of fun!


dsc03773we really got nothing to do. hahaha! xD

dsc03770didn’t take much pic due to my LOUSY phone, and i dropped my phone again! what the hell. wait for a few more months ba. then when june comes, i can change plan, and change my phone! yay! but still not sure what phone i’m going to choose. any suggestions? I DON’T WANT NOKIA! sry to those who love using nokia phones. haha!

dsc03245yi lu shun feng yo, ivan! good luck on ur OITP! take care of urself too! =D (if u are reading my blog) see u in 7 weeks time!

January 31, 2009, 3:34 pm
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don feel like going to ecp today, but no choice, have to go! RAWR! haha. anyway, at least today was not as bored as last few times when we were there. slept over there as well, too tired already. plus my eye was painful, from yesterday until now. have a good sleep though. LOL! glenn bought his mini laptop and poker cards. chris yy and him were playing “dai di”. and i was using his laptop because i dunno how to play xD

oh! and we camwhored using the webcam!





helmet is VERY important! why? ask chris! LOL






all playing dai di, and i’m so bored!! xD

2000 & nine!
January 3, 2009, 4:05 pm
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hello 2009! my name is yixuan! haha. happy new year everyone! =D


countdown at marina! i totally enjoyed the fireworks. maybe its because we chose the right place. haha. lucky us! reached there abt 45 min before the countdown. and that 45 min past by very SLOWLY! it was HOT, SQUEEZY and BORING! tried to find thousand and one topics to talk abt, and after talking so many nonsense, only 5 min has past! -.- few minutes before the countdown, they start to switch off the street lights and we were like, FINALLY! lol. then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BA BOOM! happy new year! oh! the fireworks was nice! loved it! maybe its quite close to me thats why i like it. one of the fireworks look like firecrackers and i was down there singing CNY songs. LOL xDD



argh! i really wish i have a digital camera so that i can take a better picture than these few. my 2 mega pixels phone camera is so lousy! lol.

today’s the SP skate competition. such a pity that i can’t go. wanna go and see sia. missed it. SADDED! its ok! still got friday. still considering wanna join the comp anot. haha

weather is COLD today. a damn good time to have long hours of comfortable sleep! but tml still need to go ecp. hais. oh well!