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April 27, 2009, 7:44 pm
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day 2-3 of camp

did nothing much today. just help to do some soldering for the night walk thingy. then spend the rest of the day surfing net, watching movies, plus skated a bit today. but not much since there’s so many ppl playing bball.

then went for the night walk. get the rough idea of how it’s going to be like, since i’ve never help out in a night walk before xD everything ended very late. 4 plus? and we have to shower! so by the time it’s around 5am. since it’s the last day of camp, we decided to take the first bus/train back home. and i ALMOST missed my stop. lol. reached home at abt 7 plus plus, slept till 2pm. my bed is always the best thing i’ve ever had at home. haha!

26 April 2009

it’s my lao dou’s 55th birthday! mum cooked dinner! it’s been such a long time since she cook dinner at home! ^^


dsc05000we can’t find party hats at amk hub, so we have this hand-made ones. can save money also. haha.
dsc05004my handsome, cute, sexy, 55 years old father
dsc05008slaughter the cake, instead of cutting it
dsc05010my sis, future bro-in-law, me =D
dsc05007the whole family! <3!
27 April 2009

DEAR’S COMING BACK FROM BEIJING! =D going to pick him up later, and i’m going to T3 later. ok, i’ve nv been there before. haha. have a feeling that i’m going to be damn sua gu when i reach there xD