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future love
July 25, 2009, 12:38 am
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91.3’s music is like so nice la. then just happen to hear this song. lucky i managed to find this song while my boss is out on business trip. LOL!!!

skated at sp today. its like going back to the past. when all the chaos did not happened. met the same old friends, received the same hugs, seeing the same ppl smiling and skating. hmm, how to say? today was fun. enjoyed myself today even though my legs feel so cui. haha. and IVAN IS NOT TOPLESS! WTF! xD next time when i come, u better show me. LOL! and thanks for the movies SL   =D


too many stuff to update but dunno how. guess i’ll just stop here. slowly update next time. hahaha


sat, sun, mon
April 27, 2009, 7:44 pm
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day 2-3 of camp

did nothing much today. just help to do some soldering for the night walk thingy. then spend the rest of the day surfing net, watching movies, plus skated a bit today. but not much since there’s so many ppl playing bball.

then went for the night walk. get the rough idea of how it’s going to be like, since i’ve never help out in a night walk before xD everything ended very late. 4 plus? and we have to shower! so by the time it’s around 5am. since it’s the last day of camp, we decided to take the first bus/train back home. and i ALMOST missed my stop. lol. reached home at abt 7 plus plus, slept till 2pm. my bed is always the best thing i’ve ever had at home. haha!

26 April 2009

it’s my lao dou’s 55th birthday! mum cooked dinner! it’s been such a long time since she cook dinner at home! ^^


dsc05000we can’t find party hats at amk hub, so we have this hand-made ones. can save money also. haha.
dsc05004my handsome, cute, sexy, 55 years old father
dsc05008slaughter the cake, instead of cutting it
dsc05010my sis, future bro-in-law, me =D
dsc05007the whole family! <3!
27 April 2009

DEAR’S COMING BACK FROM BEIJING! =D going to pick him up later, and i’m going to T3 later. ok, i’ve nv been there before. haha. have a feeling that i’m going to be damn sua gu when i reach there xD

orh ceh!
March 14, 2009, 4:58 pm
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fell down quite alot of times today. knee got one orh-ceh. gotta rub. but i’m lazy. LOL

number of ppl skating today is pathetic. quite alot couldn’t make it. but we still continue skating. i thought they are going to cancel it or something. hahaha! didn’t skate that much as well because it rains in the evening. took damn lots of pics today. ok i’ll shut my mouth and let the pics do the talking.

dsc00493ding yang and his new hairdo! one week just cut botak now grow back so fast
dsc00494dsc00495dsc00498dsc00499dsc00501dsc00503the botak brothers. notice ding yang’s hair. like one patch of hair missing. LOL
dsc00507dsc00509dsc00510out in theatre soon! anybody wanna watch? xDD
dsc00511dsc00512dsc00513dsc00515wah.. didn’t know that he’s so famous. lol
dsc00518 dsc00519dsc00520dsc00521dsc00522dsc00523dsc00524dsc00527that marks the end of “photo shooting” inside the bus. ok i’m tired. byes!

i just wanna skate
March 12, 2009, 4:06 pm
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whoo! hot from the oven! its a new GYRO WHEEL! haha. off course i didn’t buy it la. just tell u guys only! xD

attachment stuff first.
today me and li ling (former intern) finally have the chance to laugh out loud! because capt ken’s going out to some whatever shit country and he will be back on monday. plus pauline (my supervisor) got quite alot of meetings today. hmm, so today considered quite seng nang.
li ling told me: “wah, now finally can don need to ta han liao. can laugh all we want!” seriously, i really can’t stand her la! every single word that comes out from her mouth is damn bloody hilarious! but she’s a very sociable person. in fact, i felt that everyone in the company was! one of the workers even treated us lunch today. tml pauline’s gonna treat us pizza hut! wahahaha. can save $$$ also! hmm, yeah. must be on bah-jiet! HAHAH!

RUSHED back home for coaching at night. managed to skate a bit. i didn’t touch my skates for only 4 days, and i’m lacking! my legs were so stiff when i’m just doing my crazy. think i should urban more if i have the time, even though i got attachment! tml going back to sch and skate. jia you liao! FIGHTING!
and OMG la! i didn’t know rookie comp falls on sat. and i told some ppl that its on sun! ops! sorry peeps! i’m not going to join this year. probably next year ba. haha! will be skating at ecp with TMW. so, sorry rachelle! but u have my moral support! be prepared to receive a msg from me before the comp starts! =D jia you yo!

randon pic for the day:

photo0012let’s walk the doggies!

hey foxy sista! chill ok? u should know that SHE‘s always like that

another day at ecp
March 9, 2009, 1:28 pm
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went there damn bloody early in the morning for lesson. actually i plan not to take anymore lesson because i got attachment. but erm. only 2 ppl turned up? chris came out of a sudden (which was a good thing). but he can’t take any lesson due to his busy schedule. glenn always turned up, but i can’t give him lesson because his training is not done yet. so, i have to take the lesson. this shall be my last. i’ll continue once my attachment ends, which is like 6 months away. LOL!

anyway, i skated alot yesterday! the feeling was…. GREAT! =D never felt so happy before. did slalom (as usual, even though i’m still a noob) plus abit of slides. enjoyed myself. i’ll train a bit harder for both!

go go! TEAM MANYWHEELS!! team (tim?) 最帅, wheels 最美! =D

March 3, 2009, 3:55 pm
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went ikea today! but i’ll talk abit abt yesterday.

yes, it rained while i’m on my way. but it last for abt, less than an hour? so all of us managed to skate. at least the trip is not wasted, otherwise i think none of them would wanna come ecp again. =X after everyone left, timothy and me decided to practice abit more. and apparently there’s a couple sitting further down looking at us sliding/slaloming. its like we’re entertaining them sia. haha. xD

supposed to go ikea yesterday, but siqi can’t make it. so we change it to today. we’ve been saying that we wanna go ikea ever since last year! finally we got the chance to go together =D
dsc03797dsc03802i told her: “next time if i buy this, its not for my children. its for me” LOL!
dsc03799dsc03786dsc03793dunno why she get so excited when she see the rolling pin. haha
dsc038031dsc03804dsc03784no peeking!
dsc03791xiang xiang~ hahah! if yan can cook, so can i!
dsc03811marley and me. ah! haven watch the movie yet. I WANNA WATCH! >.< lol
dsc03807dsc03817dsc038181can slalom here. ok random…

dunno when got time to meet them again, since my attachment is starting VERY SOON. i’m a bit not prepared. it’s like, so fast la. and everybody having holidays. i gotta work! -.- somemore 6 months. SOB!!!

____ ____ go away!
March 2, 2009, 4:06 am
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went ecp to skate yesterday. but didn’t skate that much because of the rain. and maybe i said that forbidden word, thats why. hahaha. stayed at carls jr for hours!! and the rain just wouldn’t stop. how irritating can that be! and lucky my lesson’s cancelled. but chatted alot! can’t stop laughing when we talked abt goang tzer’s “eye-candy” xD “she will protect you leh! don need to buy bed liao. sleep on her stomach can liao” LOL!!

all in all, had alot of fun!


dsc03773we really got nothing to do. hahaha! xD

dsc03770didn’t take much pic due to my LOUSY phone, and i dropped my phone again! what the hell. wait for a few more months ba. then when june comes, i can change plan, and change my phone! yay! but still not sure what phone i’m going to choose. any suggestions? I DON’T WANT NOKIA! sry to those who love using nokia phones. haha!

dsc03245yi lu shun feng yo, ivan! good luck on ur OITP! take care of urself too! =D (if u are reading my blog) see u in 7 weeks time!